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This is an example of where a client saw what they wanted but needed the design altering to suit their needs. They also wanted a bed to match (see the Bed example page).

The original design was in white MDF, which was not the right colour, needed to be bigger and incorporate 2 drawers. More importantly the client realised the workmanship and construction of the mass-produced original were poor. Move the wardrobe and the MDF legs would break.

So, between us we arrived at a design for 2 oak Shaker style wardrobes. The first was a traditional wardrobe with 2 drawers at the base, and large door for the hanging space behind.

The second was the same design but with no door, and shelves in the space revealed. I made a door nevertheless, as in time the shelves will be taken out and the door put on.

You can tell from the photos they are in a boy’s bedroom, so they have to be robust - kids just don’t get “take care with that” do they.


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